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AlixaRx Therapeutic Interchange Program


Want a way to cut down on medication substitution calls and requests?  If your LivingCenter is served by AlixaRx, you and your associates can arrange for pre-authorized medication substitutions.*  While AlixaRx does not seek to limit drug choices through a formal formulary system, there are certain commonly used medications in several drug classes which are optimal evidence-based  for efficacy and side effects, may be  cost-effective relative to equivalently effective options, or both.

Staff and pharmacists are routinely asked to request or recommend changes to these medications when options are available.  You can save time by approving these interchanges up front.  Just ask your AlixaRx Clinical Pharmacist for this approval form.  The medications in these classes have been discussed with the AlixaRx pharmacy and therapeutics team.  Current medical evidence as well as published guidelines were considered  in the selection process.  You can review the choices and check off as many or as few of these choices which you’d like to approve as you like.  You always have the opportunity to override these substitutions at any time, but this can save you plenty of time and a few pharmacy request communications.

As attending physician, you always have the choice of what medication to order. Many of you have practice partners, so you may wish to discuss the choices briefly with your partners to make sure that you are all on the same page.  Like I mentioned before, none of the choices are mandatory, and you may still change your mind at any time.

Participation in the Therapeutic Interchange program helps to optimize patient medication regimens as well as increase the likelihood that the medication prescribed is available on-site if your LivingCenter has an Automated Drug Dispensing Unit (ADU).  This helps to avoid delays  in drug administration by improving availability.

If you have any questions regarding the automatic substitution list, please feel free to discuss them with your AlixaRx Clinical Pharmacist, GLC Pharmacy Directors Steve Hord  & Eric Stratford or myself.

Helpful contacts:
Steve Hord (404) 904-7741
Eric Stratford (919) 895-8488
Michael Yao, MD CMD (412) 551-5616

*Note:  Due to regulatory constraints, the Therapeutic Interchange program is not available in Virginia, Nebraska, or Missouri.