Medical Director Guidebook Coming Soon

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Several copies of Doctor to Doctor, Second Edition, revised this year, will be distributed this week to all Golden LivingCenters. Medical Directors also will receive an electronic copy via email. This guidebook is full of information which can help Golden Living Medical Directors with how to be a success at the position. If you are new to medical directing, have been doing it for a while or are even an “old hand” at it, you’ll want to check this out.

There are there practical tips on everything from what to do during survey time to your role in QAPI to how to document in a way that minimizes your risk. The medical director’s contractual obligation section is revised to focus on what is absolutely required of you, and how to work with your ED and DNS on identifying your objectives for the year. There’s even a copy of the monthly timesheet you need to fill out for your Executive Director conveniently located in the back of the book.

Because doctors are busy, and medical directors are no exception to this, the guidebook is concise enough that you could probably read it in one sitting over a cup of coffee.

For Medical Directors to request an electronic copy, please contact

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  1. Please make sure that I am on your distribution list. I am a medical director at Golden Living Continental Manor in Abbotsford WI.

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