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Honoring Medical Directors

It is truly a privilege to work with our Golden LivingCenter Medical Directors across the country. Your dedication and hard work continue to make Golden Living shine. In these days of low reimbursement rates, liability challenges, regulatory scrutiny, and a complex mass of changing information systems, our Medical Directors continue to do what they need to do to help lead our LivingCenter and keep our patients at the center of care.

A Medical Director may sometimes feel his or her efforts are unnoticed or unappreciated. For this reason, we at Golden Living seek to recognize those whom we consider truly outstanding.

Medical Director of the Year Award Nominees

Dr. Bill August GLC – Foley, AL Dr. Tae Joon Lee GLC –Greenville, NC
Dr. Thomas Bailey GLC – Lincoln Hills, IN Dr. Jonathan Lilly GLC – Glasgow & Riverside, WV
Dr. Alfred Baum GLC – Plymouth, MA Dr. Donald Marshall GLC – Montgomery, AL
Dr. Domenick Brasile GLC – Western Reserve, PA Dr. Patrick McCarville GLC – Valhaven, NE
Dr. Thomas Browne GLC – Knox, IN Dr. Tamara McCue GLC – Wellington & Wichita
Dr. Jerry Bruggeman GLC – Glasgow, MO Dr. Dana Nash GLC – Southaven, MS
Dr. Monica Brunelle GLC – Brookview, IN Dr. John Oujiri GLC – Court Manor, WI
Dr. Troy Cappelman GLC – Knox, MS Dr. Ward Paine GLC – Morgantown, WV
Dr. Eric Caywood GLC – Jefferson City, MO Dr. Brookes R. Peters GLC – Tarboro, NC
Dr. Nicholas P. Chiumento GLC – East Mountain, PA Dr. Michael Rausch GLC – El Dorado, KS
Dr. Richard T. Chung GLC – Independence, MO Dr. Frank Reusché GLC – Walnut Creek, PA
Dr. Charles Davis GLC – Spring Hill, KS Dr. Chester Rogers GLC – Mishawaka, IN
Dr. Angela Garner GLC – Parkway, KS Dr. Gary Russell GLC – Tunkhannock, PA
Dr. Gary Grego GLC – Northcrest, OH Dr. Aaron Shives GLC – Watertown, SD
Dr. Stephen Grossman GLC – Clovis & Country View, CA Dr. Frederick Short GLC – Edwardsville, KS
Dr. Nathaniel Grow GLC – Petersburg, IN Dr. Anthony Sposato GLC – West Newton, MA
Dr. Peter Halmos GLC – Cumberland, MD Dr. Randall Sukman GLC – Branson, MO
Dr. Ashley Harris GLC – Eason, MS Dr. Asma Tahir GLC – Lexington, MA
Dr. Eric Hilgeford GLC – Camelot & Hillcreek, KY Dr. Charles Thompson GLC – Lima, OH
Dr. Randall Horine GLC – North Willow, IN Dr. David Weintraub GLC – Wedgemere, MA
Dr. Edward A. Kamens GLC – Fitchburg, MA Dr. Ronald Whitmer GLC – Wilson, KS
Dr. Juanita Kreiser GLC – Blue Ridge Mountain, PA

Medical Director of the Year Award Winners

Dr. Bill August, GLC – Foley in Alabama

Dr. Stephen Grossman, GLC – Clovis & Country View in California

Dr. Eric Hilgeford, GLC – Camelot & Hillcreek in Kentucky

Dr. Jonathan Lilly, GLC – Glasgow & Riverside in West Virginia

Dr. Brookes Peters, GLC – Tarboro in North Carolina

Each year, we get nominations for the Golden Living Medical Director of the Year Award from our Executive Directors and Directors of Nursing Services. For the year 2013, we received more than 40 nominations. A committee reviewed the nominations and selected the top five. We announce the winners and nominees at the Golden Living Medical Director Gala held at the American Medical Directors Association Long-Term-Care Conference each year.

We will provide a brief profile on each of this year’s Medical Directors of the Year in First Monday. Please join me in congratulating and thanking this year’s nominees and winners!

Honoring Dr. Barthold with a Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. David Barthold, Medical Director at GLC – Meadowood and GLC – Hueytown, in Alabama, received a special award at this year’s Gala. Serving also as Regional Medical Director in the Southeast, Dr. Barthold has been nominated several times for the AMDA’s National Medical Director of the Year Award. In recognition of the years of dedicated service to Golden Living, he was presented with this honor. He will be featured in next month’s First Monday.

A Quick Caveat about Mobile Diagnostic Services
Golden Living is pleased to have relationships with services that can provide mobile radiology and diagnostic cardiac services to our LivingCenters. There are many times when we can get a portable chest x-ray, EKG, or lower extremity doppler that can save our patients a lengthy trip to the hospital emergency department and sometimes even avoid an inadvertent admission, which may result. I encourage you to consider on-site capabilities when evaluating our patients.

While this is important, it’s also vital to remember that mobile portable films are not always of the same quality that one may get in a hospital or outpatient radiology center, and when clinical suspicion warrants, it may be better medicine to send the patient for films at the local hospital. This is especially the case when one suspects a hip or humeral fracture and cannot do a clinical examination, which a physician could do in the emergency department.

If you’re concerned about a hip fracture and cannot get to the patient to do an examination, it may be advisable to send the patient to the emergency room for films and an examination by the emergency department physician. Often a phone call explaining what your concern is can help expedite the process and pinpoint the area of concern.

When an initial portable or even emergency department x-ray is negative and the patient is still in significant pain, remember that sometimes it may be necessary to get a CT scan or specialist evaluation.  The key here is to be aware of our mobile capabilities, but to always take the clinical suspicion and potential need for timely examination into account.